Can I adjust the intensity and what are “modes”?

The Advanced Foot Energizer features 25 different programed modes.  These “modes” are each different sets of electrical programs (combinations of wave patterns and frequencies) that offer a variety of sensations so that your muscles do not develop “muscle memory”.  Changing the modes will help you get the most benefit from your energizer.  If you change modes during your session the intensity level will default back to zero so that you do not experience any surprising stimulation increases. The timer will continue its countdown while changing modes.

The Advanced Foot Energizer also operates with intensity levels 1 through 99.  This wide range offers you the ability to very minutely increase the intensity of your massage so that you can maintain a comfortable session.  You will very likely increase the intensity during your session as you become accustomed to the feeling of the stimulation. Because we want to protect you from sudden increases in intensity, both the remote controller and the panel on the unit only allow you to step up a level by pressing the button each time.

Remember that the goal is to not reach the highest intensity but to find intensity levels that are the most comfortable for you.

More About the Programed Modes

There are multiple ways to use the Advanced Foot Energizer. First by choosing EMS or TENS. The EMS modes are 1-8, the TENS modes are 9-25.

Under each of these technologies the stimulation is further broken down by the different mode programs. Each of the modes offers a different sensation that reacts with your nerves and muscles in different ways. When you try the different modes you can actually feel the difference in the way they work. Mode 1 for instance is pretty mild, while mode 7 is a bit stronger and you’ll feel it pulling the muscles up your legs. The modes come close to mimicking the experience you would have from having that type of massage from a practitioner. For instance the “cupping” sensation in mode 15 feels like there is a suction on the bottom of the foot pulling the muscles downward.

Unlike some machines, the foot pads on the Advanced Foot Energizer are divided into different areas that target individual parts of your feet. These areas are referred to as “foot meridians” in Chinese medicine. In reflexology, the understanding is that all the different parts of your body are connected to the soles of your feet. Stimulating the specific areas of the bottom of your feet can help to improve your overall health. Because it uses this unique combination of Chinese and Western medicine the Advanced Foot Energizer is an excellent choice for treating your painful and tired feet.

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