How easy is the Advanced Foot Energizer to use?

The Advanced Foot Energizer is one of the easiest tools to use to renew the energy in your feet. Often we assume that technology will have to be monitored or utilized with supervision.

Using the Advanced Foot Energizer is as easy as slipping your feet into a pair of bedroom slippers and turning on your TV with a remote.  The 25 minute timer automatically shuts the energizer off.

Just turn it on by pressing and holding the ON/OFF button until the large blue screen lights or by using the remote control.

Then adjust the mode by using mode up or down (solid up and down arrows) and the intensity by using the intensity up or down (solid up and down arrows).

You are done when the time reaches 25 minutes or when you press and hold the ON/OFF button again or use the remote control to turn it off.

  • Sit down and place the soles of your feet on the foot shaped pads.
  • Choose a mode between 1 and 25 by using the buttons on the Energizer or on the remote control.
  • Either use the buttons on the Advanced Foot Energizer or on the remote control to gradually increase the intensity (strength).
  • The first sensation you feel will be a tingling sensation.  If you keep increasing the intensity level you will feel a strong and comfortable massage in your feet and calves.
  • Use the remote control or the buttons on the energizer to adjust the levels any time during your treatment.
  • The timer is set for a 25 minute session.  We recommend that you use the Advanced Foot Energizer at least once a day for the first 30 days for optimal results.


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