Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications for the Advanced Foot Energizer Foot Massager Electronic Stimulator

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Common Name: Electronic Stimulator, Circulation Booster
Classification name: Stimulator, Nerve, Transcutaneous, Muscle, Powered, For Muscle Conditioning, Over-The-Counter
Review Panel: Neurology, Physical Medicine
Product Code: NUH, NGX
Regulation Class: II
Regulation Number: 882.5890, 890.5850
Average DC current through electrodes when device is on but no  pulses are being applied:﹤ 0.01μΑ
Number of Output Channels: 1 for foot stimulation, 2 for body stimulation
Number of Output Modes: 25
Output Intensity Levels: 99
Synchronous or Alternating?: Synchronous
Method of Channel Isolation: Voltage Transform Isolation “BODY▲” and “ BODY▼” buttons for body channel
“ SOLE▲” and “SOLE▼” buttons for feet channel
Regulated Current or Regulated Voltage?: Voltage Control
Software/Firmware/Microprocessor Control
Automatic Shut Off
User Control Override
Indicator Display shows On/Off status and Voltage/Current Level
Timer Range is 25 minutes
Weight of unit without accessories is just 2 Kg or (4 LBS, 10 Oz.)
Dimensions are 428 mm x 428.8 mm x 185 mm
The construction of the unit is durable ABS plastic
Waveform: Pulsed, symmetric, biphasic
Shape: Rectangular, with interphase interval
Maximum Output Voltage:
44V±10% @ 500Ω
80V±10% @ 2ΚΩ
112V±10% @ 10ΚΩ
Pulse Duration: 120µs
Pulse frequency: 77.3Hz
Net Charge (per pulse): 0µC @ 500Ω Method: Balanced waveform
Maximum Phase Charge: 12.78µC @ 500Ω
Maximum Average Current: 0.968mA @ 500Ω
Maximum Current Density (r.m.s): 0.235mA/cm² @ 500Ω
Maximum Average Power Density: 1.38mW/cm² @ 500Ω
ON Time: 0.6s
OFF Time: 0.6s
Environment for operating: Temperature: 5 ~ 45°C Humidity: 20 ~ 65% RH
Environment for storage: Temperature: 0 ~ 45°C, Humidity: 10 ~ 90% RH Electrode Pad: 10~20°C
Biocompatibility: All user directly contacting materials are in compliance with ISO10993-5 and ISO10993-10 requirements.
Electrical Safety: Complies with IEC 60601¬1 and IEC 60601-2-10
EMC: Complies with IEC 60601¬1-2