Accessories and Care for Your Body Pads

Advanced Foot Energizer Accessories

Body Pads (Electrodes)

The body pads that come with your Advanced Foot Energizer are designed to optimally work with the unit.  Please purchase replacement pads from your authorized dealer or directly from You may also subscribe to the Body Pad Subscription Service for the best savings.

Care For Your Body Pads:

  • Never stick two of the adhesive body pads to each other.
  • Keep the adhesive body pads clean and away from high temperatures or direct sunshine.
  • When body pads are not in use, always place the body pads on to the body pad protectors and seal in a plastic bag or other airtight container.
  • We recommend that you change pads after 20 uses as conductivity will decrease due to body oils and skin cells that accumulate on body pads.
  • Old or worn body pads can also reduce the comfort of stimulation.
  • Only use the body pads (electrodes) supplied by Advanced Foot Energizer or authorized dealers. Other pads may present a risk of unsuitable electrical characteristics with your stimulator.
  • Do not use the same electrodes on different people.
  • Do not soak or immerse the electrodes in water.
  • Do not apply a solvent of any kind onto the electrodes.
  • Always stop the stimulator before removing or moving the electrodes.
  • Always place electrodes on dry, clean, oil-and-lotion free skin.
  • If you are using an optional skin gel, use a small amount (about the size of a pea) under each body pad. Rub completely into the skin before placing electrode. This will help ensure the most comfortable and strongest signal.
  • Electrode Pad Size: 88mm × 58mm × 3.2mm, 50.04 cm2.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts are available for your Advanced Foot Energizer:

Remote Control

Power Adapter

Electrode Body Pad Wires

User Manual

  • Set of 4 Body Pads for the Advanced Foot Energizer

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