General Specifications

general specifications advanced foot energizer

Advanced Foot Energizer General Specifications

Remote Control Unit
Type of wireless technology Infrared ray (Wavelength: 940nm)
Operating frequencies 455KHz
Operating voltage 3V
Maximum output powers 0.1W
Operating distances and ranges 15-20m
Intended use environment Home
Functions Turn on/off the device; select mode and the intensity of output.


Basic Unit Characteristics
Power Source Adapter Input: 100-240Vac, 50-60Hz, 0.1A

Output: 5Vdc, 1A

Unit Input: 5Vdc, 1A

Method of Line Current Isolation Type BF Applied Part
Patient leakage current Comply with IEC 60601-1 and IEC 60601-2-10
Normal Condition AC: 54.50μA DC: 0.5μA
Single Fault Condition AC:120.00μA, DC: 0.6μA
Average DC current through electrodes when device is on but no pulses are being applied <0.01μA
Number of channels 2
Number of modes 25
Output Intensity Level 99 steps
Output Intensity 0V~112V
Indicator Display Indicate the following information: Power on/off, intensity level, selected mode, time remaining of an application mode.
Time Range (minutes) 25
Main Unit Weight 2kg
Weight of Accessories Adapter: 275g, Electrode :40g, Remote Control: 20g
Main Unit Dimension 428mm x 428.8mm x 185mm
Electrode Pads Size Foot: Conductive Silicone Rubber* (PP conductive plastic): 254mm × 98mm × 13mm, 99.27 cm2

Small: 88mm × 58mm × 3.2mm, 50.04 cm2

Electrode Wires Length 1785±2mm
AC Adapter Wire Length 1445±2mm
Housing Materials of Main Unit ABS plastic


Basic Unit Characteristics Continued
Accessories Materials Conductive Foot Pad Material: PP (PP conductive plastic)

Red Transparent Plastic: ABS Plastic

Small Electrode Pads: white silica gel, black conductive silicone, transparent conductive adhesive silicone, transparent PET silicone

AC Adapter Housing: ABS plastic

Remote Controller: ABS plastic

Sole Massage Roller: ABS plastic

Output Specification
Waveform and Shape Pulsed, symmetric biphasic, rectangular
Maximum Output Voltage (+/- 10%) 44V @ 500Ω | 80V @ 2KΩ | 112V @ 10KΩ
Maximum Output Current (+/- 10%) 88mA @ 500Ω  | 40mA @ 2KΩ | 11.2mA @ 10KΩ
Net Charge (per pulse) 0μC @ 500Ω
Maximum Phase Charge 12.78μC @ 500Ω
Maximum Average Current 0.968mA @ 500Ω
Maximum Current Density 0.235mA/cm² @ 500Ω
Maximum Power Density 1.38mW/cm² @ 500Ω
Pulse Duration 120μs
Pulse Cycle 12.94ms
Frequency 77.3Hz
Contraction and Relaxation time Adjustable, due to different modes.

Contraction time: 200ms ~ 56s

Relaxation time: 0~0.5s

Treatment Time 25 min (default)
ON Time 0.6 s
OFF Time 0.6 s


Additional Features
Environment for Operation Temperature: 5 ~ 45° C

Humidity: 20 ~ 65% RH

Environment for Storage Temperature: 0 ~ 45° C,

Humidity: 10 ~ 90% RH

Electrode Pad: 10~20° C

*Technically, silicone is considered part of the rubber family. But, if you define plastics widely, silicone is something of a hybrid between a synthetic rubber and a synthetic plastic polymer.