Standard Warranty

Your Advanced Foot Energizer device is warrantied to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase under normal use.  This warranty extends to the original purchaser. Warranty is available for purchases from authorized sellers including: advancedfootenergizer.com, painreliefessentials.com, Northwest Essentials Inc Amazon Store, Pain Relief Essentials Ebay Store.

Please keep you receipt from your authorized purchase point as proof of date of purchase.  Should repair be needed within the warranty period, please contact the Advanced Foot Energizer customer service department. The warrantor expressly disclaims liability for incidental, special or consequential damage of any nature. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.

  1. We guarantee that the product is warrantied against all manufacturing defects for one year from the day of purchase without any charge for non-consumable* accessories or maintenance provided that the product is used correctly as instructed in the users manual or manufactures instructions.
  2. Please register for your warranty coverage at advancedfootenergizer.com.
  3. Please keep your retail receipt as proof of purchase and purchase date.
  4. Please contact Advanced Foot Energizer to arrange for the return and repair or replacement of malfunctioning unit or accessories.
  5. To qualify for the one year guarantee, the device must have been used according to the manufacturer’s instructions supplied.
  6. The warranty does not apply if the fault has been caused or is attributable to accidental use, misuse, negligent use or use that is contrary to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This includes power surges or damage caused in transit.
  7. The warranty does not apply if the fault has been caused or is attributable to use on a voltage supply other than that stated on the product or if used with a power adapter other than the one supplied with the product.
  8. The warranty does not apply if the device has been used for hire or for non-domestic use, or if the device is second hand.

Please register your device with our Warranty Registration

*Consumable accessories include electrode body pads and cords which are not warranted for replacement due to use. Please visit advancedfootenergizer.com or your dealer to purchase new body pads.

Platinum Warranty

An extended Platinum Warranty is available that extends the standard warranty to three years.


Set of 4 body pads for the Advanced Foot Energizer

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