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Take Care of Your Feet!

Do You Have Sore or Tired Feet?

How often do you reach the end of your day with sore feet, aching legs, and you just want the pain to go away?

Having tired feet is a complaint that people often have if they suffer from various medical conditions such as neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, and for people with insufficient blood circulation.  Having tired feet is not actually a medical condition of its own.

Often people who have to stand for many hours develop aching or tired feet.  They may work in the medical field (doctors, nurses), they may work in retail (cashiers, restaurant waiters and servers, sales people, bank tellers), they might work in a factory or in construction.

People who sit for long periods may also develop leg and foot pain.  Truck drivers, taxi cab drivers, and office workers often have aches and pains from sitting too long without motion.  They experience a loss of circulation and muscle conditioning.  This can also affect people who are retired or are not able to be as mobile as they might like.

Take Care of Your Feet!

You can help take care of your feet by stretching overused muscles in your feet and legs, by checking your shoes to make sure they are not worn out, and by massaging them.

The Advanced Foot Energizer works to massage and stimulate the muscles in your feet and legs with Electrical Muscle Stimulation modes which helps the muscles contract and release gently.  This pumping motion helps your blood circulate which carries toxins away from the muscles.  The TENS modes are designed to help relieve pain when the going gets really tough – by stimulating and blocking nerve signals directly so that the pain signals going to your brain are masked.

It’s a smart way to get relief from daily aches and pains!